With all our stakeholders, including our suppliers, ENGIE is committed on a daily basis to accelerating a just transition to a zero-carbon world, thanks to less energy-intensive and more environmentally friendly solutions.

Guided by its purpose, ENGIE reconciles economic performance and a positive impact on people and the planet, relying on its core activities to provide its customers with competitive and sustainable solutions, while developing ethical business relationships.


  • Select suppliers through a fair, open and transparent process, based on a well-balanced set of criteria: technical, environmental, ethical, quality, health and safety, delivery times, costs, contractual commitments and alignment with ENGIE's purpose;
  • Develop a balanced, long-term relationship based on sharing opportunities, risks and information;
  • Monitor the implementation of the Group's Health and Safety policy in our subcontracting chains;
  • Establish ethical relationships with our suppliers, in accordance with the Group's Charter of Ethics and all its principles and policies;
  • Contribute to achieving ENGIE's Zero Carbon goal by 2045;
  • Respect applicable legislation and regulations.


For ENGIE, Health and Safety is a top priority. Protecting the lives of all those who work for the Group is at the heart of what we do as a socially responsible company.

ENGIE has implemented a policy of excellence to ensure the best possible working conditions for its employees and subcontractors.

ENGIE has a Subcontractors Manual with all the rules of Ethics, Health and Safety and Social and Environmental Responsibility to be followed and complied with by all those who work for us.

Download here the documentation for suppliers: Documents



All employees of our subcontractors must do the training below.

After watching the video they have to do the evaluation on the link: Teste avaliação conhecimentos