ENGIE has been operating in Portugal since 1983 and currently integrates a set of reference companies in the energy services area.

ACIT, currently ENGIE Portugal, was the first company in the market dedicated exclusively to the technical management and maintenance of buildings. In 2003, it expanded its capabilities to include the installation of air-conditioning systems by a merger with AXIMA.

As part of its growth strategy, in 2010, the Group took over ENDEL and adopted the COFELY trademark, expanding its operations into the industry segment.

CLIMAESPAÇO was created in 1995 as part of the EXPO'98 project, with the goal of designing, building, financing and operating the country’s first district heating and cooling network.

ARCLASSE, a company specialising in the installation, maintenance and energy efficiency of chillers and the energy rehabilitation of buildings and industries, became part of the group in 2014.

In 2016, the group decided to take the name ENGIE and to extend the new brand to all its subsidiaries around the world.

The multidisciplinary experience of ENGIE in Portugal today allows us to offer integrated high added-value solutions to our clients – industries, cities and buildings.