Energy Transition Zero Carbon


The ENGIE Group is a global player in the energy sector, with the ambition to become the world leader of zero carbon energy transition.

Aware of the need to make profound modifications to the way power is generated and consumed, we have implemented a transformation plan that is in line with the structural trends of the sector worldwide:

  • decarbonization: generating power from renewable sources, with minimum impact on the environment;
  • decentralization: small generating units which turn consumers into producers at the same time;
  • digitalization: creating solutions that are open to communicating with other applications and are adaptable to rapid technological development;
  • efficiency: creating solutions for reducing primary energy consumption, so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In line with the group’s overall ambition, ENGIE in Portugal established a medium-term development strategy based on its core business and on making the most of new opportunities in the following segments:

  • investment in energy solutions at the premises of the customers – industry and buildings – with guaranteed results;
  • decentralized renewable power generation for customers;
  • introduction of innovative and new-business solutions, such as integrating the generation and storage of electricity in the electricity transport infrastructure;
  • city solutions, with focus on energy efficiency and heating and cooling grids;
  • consolidation as a reference service provider for B2B customers through the introduction of added-value solutions for customers, such as the sale of transformed energy and energy performance contracts;
  • enhanced renewable generation capability from photovoltaic solar power and offshore wind farms.