The industries of tomorrow

In an increasingly more competitive global economy, the continued improvement of the economic performance of production units is a constant goal for industry.  ENGIE is a reliable and experienced partner for assisting industry to attain these goals and to cope with the challenges of digital transformation and energy transition.

ENGIE has unique skills in the field of specialised engineering which enable us to maintain and improve the competitive advantages of industrial companies. ENGIE has the capacity to invest in the energy facilities of its customers, assuming the risk and guaranteeing results.

We combine the best asset and energy management practices with years of accumulated experience ranging from design and construction to operating and maintenance.

Maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients, we undertake a commitment to performance, safety and reliability, and cost reduction throughout the entire life-cycle of industrial assets.

ENGIE offers integrated global management solutions for third-party services on one site, various sites or in several countries.